Since I’ve always been an easy to please person, I’ve always appreciated the small things like receiving a hand written thank you note versus a text or a facebook shout out. As I’ve been praying for ways to be a witness in my new work environment, I am reminded about how great of an impact small gestures can make. Life throws so many curve balls at us that it is sometimes hard to see the opportunities to make a difference. Having a keen eye for opportunity will force us to think less of ourselves and to think more about others. It sounds simple enough but more often than not, our thoughts are consumed with thoughts about our next career move, what bills are due, what to cook for dinner, when to workout, how to change the world or when to change over the laundry from the washer to the dryer. What I’ve learned is that the more that I pour into others, the less daunting my situations appear to be and somehow I get to the end of a rough road a lot sooner because I am not standing over the pot waiting for it to boil, yet I am concerned more about making an impact in the life of someone else. So I encourage you to maximize what resources you have to empower and encourage but most of all, to be a witness of Jesus Christ.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Add a quote to your email signature
  • Put that dry erase board to use and share a daily thought
  • Hand write kindhearted notes
  • Share a random act of kindness more than when the world recognizes a day for it
  • Order Our Daily Bread devotional books and place a few on your desk – watch them disappear
  • Recognize someone to the whole team without being asked to – a compliment can make ALL the difference in someone’s day