#tbt gone too far

While it is critical for us to never forget where we have come from and all that we’ve been able to overcome, dwelling on the past is a dangerous focus. Have you ever spoken with someone that always brings up your past? Or how about catching up with someone that is still having the same conversation that they were having when you seen them 12 months ago? It’s great to reminisce on good times that bring you laughter and/or recognize how much you’ve matured since the summer of 2002 but there is something psychologically inept of a person who refuses to acknowledge who you are today and now. When you encounter those individuals that take #tbt way too far by thinking that they can ignore your now purpose by always bringing up your past. Dismiss the rhetoric immediately. It’s not you, it’s them. Shift the direction of the dialogue quickly. Don’t allow it. Never be ashamed of patting yourself on the back and never be afraid of offending someone that can’t respect, honor or identify with the evolution of your personal growth and maturity. It may be time to bid them farewell or to love and pray for them from a distance.

Strength Training

I personally despise working out. I don’t like the gym. Remaining disciplined is a real struggle for me. I love potato chips, popcorn and french fries and I can come up with a thousands reasons why I don’t have time to go to zumba tomorrow. After much self-evaluation over the years that I’ve attempted to create a healthy lifestyle, I’ve discovered that I dislike it so much because of my lack of consistency. I have not established enough strength to make the workouts seem less brutal. I have not established enough of a routine to make healthy eating a part of my lifestyle. Every workout is a beast to get through and my healthy eating is often interrupted by emotional eating. This revelation is also a great reminder that we also have to build up our spiritual strength so that every moment of adversity is not such a beast to get through. Our lack of consistency can cause us to be weak and give into the weight of our trials and tribulations. Our attempts at establishing a spiritual routine or lifestyle can easily be interrupted by our temporal emotions. We lose site of our eternal guarantee. I am encouraged today to remain spiritually strong at all cost. And even though the strongest of us still have our moments, we won’t stay there long because having a spiritual mind won’t allow us to. Having a mind stayed on Jesus Christ and all that he has done for us will put the focus and attention back where it belongs. Being spiritually fit will narrow our thinking about the weight of our trials and tribulation and broaden our view about who God is. Having a spiritual routine of prayer, fasting, worshiping and studying the word of God will push us to lean on the only one that guarantees that he can deliver us from all things. So as we enter this passion week, be strong and courageous. Develop your spiritual muscles and put the focus back where it belongs. Just as we fall off of the healthy wagon in the natural, we will slip up and fall short spiritually as well. Just don’t fall off totally. Get back to building your spiritual strength quickly, you’ll be better off for it!