Be Free

Be reminded today my brothers and my sisters that we are not victims, we are winners. Accept the victory that we have been given in Christ Jesus. We are not orphans, we are adopted into the greatest family of all times. We do not have to be ruled by the spirit of comparison or competition. We do not have to look for a stamp of approval by the world’s standards. We are approved and already validated in heavenly places by divine order. Now let’s walk this thing out accordingly! Be who you are created to be! Today be free. You are a masterpiece!

Obedience is just better…

It is better for us to obey God alongside with giving him our worship vs. giving him worship and disobeying him. Obedience is what affords us the opportunity to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living; it opens doors. Offering worship alone is like sitting our family down for dinner and then bringing them empty plates. We may go through the motions of preparing but came up empty and therefore unable to give our family anything of substance; something that will change their current status of being hungry. Worship w/out obedience is going through the motions of preparing for God to use us for his glory but missing the opportunity to give him anything substantial to work with so that our status of being hungry can change. Obedience gives us authority that empty worship and works cannot provide. It behooves us to run towards obedience despite what others are doing, despite our feelings or inhibitions and despite the cost. Lose yourself in obedience so that you can find yourself living in freedom and in eternity while still here on earth.

In order to obey, we have to hear. In order to hear, we have to listen. In order to listen we have to be set apart. Although lonely at times, we should never despise being set apart from the noise; we’re never alone.

Obedience is just better. It’s the best way that we can draw closer to God. It’s the best way to learn more about ourselves. While we are being obedient we are becoming the light of the world. While we are being obedient many things also come to light. We become more aware of the things that are still in our hearts that we thought we gave away to God. Obedience is just better. Disobedience is the easy way. It’s the way that we’ve always known. For most of us, our 1st word was no. We’ve been saying no to the right things for a long time and old habits seem unbreakable but they’re not.

Obedience is just better.

The Valley of Humiliation

If we are not skeptical of the power of God on the mountain then we can’t be skeptical in the valley. Everything has it’s season. Mountain top experiences have their place and purpose of encouragement and strengthening.

Pitch your tent in the valley and have a song in your heart as a way that you give thanks! Ever leave church thinking “wow, I wish I could just stay here in this presence!” I have had that thought many times but I am reminded today that I am the church and that same presence is in me as I make his temple a welcoming place.  When the pain intensifies is when our praise should crescendo and when our worship should swell! Press the songs of David upon your heart. Delight in God’s will to perfect you because HE is concerned for you. The valley is where you encounter him the most. The valley is where you receive the most revelation. In the valley is where we learn to ignore the distractions. The valley of humiliation is the most beautiful lowest place of elevation that we can experience. It’s a place of preparation.  Be strong and courageous and rest in the valley.