Make Mondays Great Again

  1. Get the best out of your Sunday but don’t overdo it. It’s possible to rest and to be productive
  2. Prepare your lunch, work outfits, and gym bag for at least Monday and Tuesday. Preparation is the cousin of peace of mind.
  3. Iron or do something that will help Monday feel fresh like cleaning all the mirrors in the house or like vacuuming the house.
  4. Watch at least one of your favorite programs or read something from at least one of your favorite authors. Gain new knowledge or insight that may be useful for the week to come.
  5. Feed your spirit. Absolutely necessary. If you don’t feed it, it will starve.
  6. Do at least one thing that you’ve been putting off (call that cousin, prepare your tax documents, send that follow up email, clean the junk drawer)
  7. Do something for someone else. Giving back to others will increase a sense of accomplishment.

It’s Just a Wind Storm

As our purpose pulls us closer and closer toward a sense of knowing we can expect an increase in the amount of demonic and spiritual attacks that we will encounter. These encounters will feel enormous but seem invisible; like wind. We can’t see wind but we can sure feel its impacts. These attacks will appear scary in nature and my even cause us to forget what we already know about God or about who HE is. The impression of the attacks are simply that…impressions.  An impression is an effect, feeling, or image retained as a consequence of experience.  Impressions of any attack can be changed quickly by the effect of a Godly experience. Which is why we must push past the feeling that the attacks can cause by staying in a place where we are always experiencing God consciously.  Going through adversity is necessary for the building of our faith and character. When we deliberately make a decision to go through them with joy and remembering who we have on our side, the winds become calm and non-intimidating.

These attacks are heightened just before a break through or to distract us enough to keep us from getting to where our purpose is taking us to. They will come out of nowhere or seem to if we are not open to divine wisdom and revelation.  Safety is just one of God’s specialties so it’s okay to trust him when you feel like life has put you into a wind tunnel. The recall of HIS goodness and the recollection and HIS grace and the remembrance of HIS mercy is enough to make us exhale because we know that everything is going to be all right. Relax; it’s just a wind storm.  Find security in knowing that the winds and the waves obey God’s commands.