Our emotions are connected to what we believe to be the truth.

The supernatural truth will always prevail over the natural lie that is before us. You might have recently read a letter that delivered some bad news or perhaps you’re watching your child spiral out of control. Is there a loved one that consistently makes the worst decisions? Are there rumors spreading on the job about a blanket lay off that is coming your way? Do you have emotional pain that you are dealing with that seems to get the best of you? All of these scenarios and so many more can send us into a frenzy pretty quickly and cause us to feel defeated if we receive them with our natural senses. Have you ever been faced with news or been so hurt that you feel the pain in your stomach? Yes? There is a reason for that. We carry our emotions in our abdominal area hence the term “gut-wrenching” or “butterflies or “bubble guts”. These terms are generally used to describe a feeling that we experience at the onslaught of news or the anticipation of it. The good news is that our brains are always in communication with our abdominal area. The responsibility that we then have is to saturate ourselves in the TRUTH; God’s word. If we have an enormous amount of true knowledge in our brains and memory about what God says about our “news” then the truth can defeat the emotion that is sent to our stomachs or abdominal areas IMMEDIATELY! Therefore the game changer is to receive information through our supernatural senses which are our eyes of spiritual understanding and to not receive information through the natural lie (what looks like the truth with a world view) associated with the “news”. Just some of the natural lies include; “she’ll never be delivered”, “this problem is too big for me to handle”, “I’ll never get out of this situation”, “I’m not worthy to meet with these people”. What we have to accept is that we won’t always have tangible evidence of the truth right away. This is why it’s a challenge to believe it or speak it if you’re not constantly feeding it to yourself through studying the word, prayer and meditation. The “news” that we experience seems very real and is right in our face which is why it is easier to digest the wrong emotion. My dear friends we have to make a violent effort daily to feed our spirits the truth and that truth will make us free of any lie, any wrong emotion and any wrong decision. When we are made free of these things we can remain free undeniably every day! The word of God is our get out of our emotional jail free card! Use it fervently!