Have you ever been to an all-inclusive resort? Through my traveling experiences I’ve learned that this is my preferred way to vacation. I’m a no frills kind of vacationer. I just want to rest and let everything be taken care of for me. I don’t like to hustle and bustle because my intent is to rest and to be restored. Any other type of vacation has always left me feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation; which defeats the whole purpose. I vacation to release my concerns and/or to enjoy the help from others who make you feel like they enjoy making your stay worry free. The best part about an all-inclusive resort is that they can provide for your needs that you do not know that you need yet. They cover all bases. You never have to leave the resort if you don’t want to. All that you need is provided for you right on site! It’s the best. In my morning devotional time yesterday the Lord reminded me about his control and providential care that is all-inclusive! He provides for our every need, even the needs that we don’t know that we need yet. His thoughts toward us encompasses more that we can imagine so therefore HIS thoughts covers all bases. Our story that was written before we were formed guarantees that we don’t have to look for provision from any other sources. HE is the only source and provides all the resources that we need! His riches in glory are all-inclusive. What a great reminder! When we reverence and acknowledge God in all of our endeavors for who HE is and when we depend on HIS control, we get the all-inclusive treatment. HE perfects those things which concern us. We can have a worry free life. HE has everything that we need emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally and so much more. Adversity is going to come and trials will knock at our doors but we must be quick to remember where he has already brought us from. We are right now on the other side of what seemed absolutely impossible at one point. We are living in an answered prayer. The answered prayers don’t come by osmosis. God doesn’t need our help to make anything occur but our valley moments do come to make us strong so we always have work to do while we wait. We have to remember how to wait and enjoy the all-inclusive treatment. The answered prayer that we are living required perseverance, prayers, self-evaluation, growth, tears, healing and strong-faith etc. This time is no different and hopefully we have more knowledge than we did before. I’m prompted to get out of my want to be adversity free comfort zone and re-ignite my appreciation for the prayers that have already been answered. Remember all the victories that I’ve already seen and that I see on a daily basis. I implore you to get your perseverance and strong-faith off of the shelf, enter the all-inclusive realm and watch God work as I do the same. Just as God created the earth to be firm and steady, he created us the same way. We were built for this. There is no rock like him. God can and will reverse human circumstances. Even the most painful, gut-wrenching, embarrassing situations are working together for our good. There are as many as 30k promises in scripture and they are all certain. When you want to know what an all-inclusive resort guarantees you read their catalog and fine print. The word of God is our reference point and reminder for the Lord’s guarantees and promises but if you don’t read it, you won’t know what to expect. The stipulation for the promises is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14. It’s that simple. Don’t you want the all-inclusive treatment?

Post and Pre-Jesus

The one thing that we can all count on is that LIFE will show up. All of the experiences and people that we encounter within the life cycle shape us into the creatures that we are however; they don’t have the power to determine who we become. What is apparent and what becomes more prevalent during the holiday season is that we all have issues and that we will all encounter being spiritually crippled by an experience or two. Issues rather with ourselves or others are still issues. In my youth I had issues that I hung on to with a death grip because they were my norm and because I had not reached a place in my maturity that would give me the unction to release them. What I didn’t realize was that my issues put a frown on my face as if I had walked into a room of stale garbage, like I always smelled a stench. Because I was frowning my beauty was altered and I couldn’t see that I was a masterpiece and nor could anyone else. I had a stank attitude and a nasty disposition because I was holding onto my issues that were never meant for me to carry in the first place. I’ve been spiritually crippled as well. My spirit was in pain and was not complete. I was dragging my spirit through unhealthy decisions and choices. My spirit was limping and exhausted from waiting on people to lift me up instead of leaning towards the lifter of my head. I had issues for years and could have been spiritually crippled for the rest of my life. I could have let my crippling cause more issues but I made a decision that saved my life. I got to a point of desperation that caused me to give my issues away completely to the only one that could handle them. I got to a point of unbearable hopelessness because my spirit was so heavy. This actually gave me courage to be delivered from the hold people had on me and to let the God of my salvation hold me and carry me and to make me whole. My pain pushed me! It is my prayer that your issues won’t control you and that your spirit will not be cripple. Push past the pain and through the noise. Get up from that low place and take hold of the more that’s waiting for you through the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ! He’s the only one that can make you whole and the only on that can complete you.

So we have the issue of being spiritually crippled and the issues caused by that crippling and we have issues that can cause the crippling. However we arrive at the point of no return is of no surprise to our creator. Our life’s story was written before we were even formed in our mother’s womb. That’s the good news! That means that we are equipped to withstand and our victory is predestined. Glory to God! Be made whole and experience all that God has for you post-Jesus becoming your savior and let go of the gloom of pre-Jesus!

The Change in Me

The love hate relationship that we have with change is a constant in all of our lives. I must confess that when change has happen in my life, especially as of lately, I focus more on the risks instead of the opportunities. I’ve purposed in my mind and in my spirit that I will no longer do that. My risk vision has made the change more complicated than it had to be. Going forward I will look through the lens of opportunity and I will keep my focus. I believe that within every change process there is an opportunity to learn new things about myself and to learn new ways to embrace how those around me are managing through the change. These are things that I can control; my capabilities and my perceptions. If nothing else I want to be the best version of me that I can be and I vow to God and to myself that I will do just that. The one guaranteed method for me to accomplish this is through self-evaluation. It’s absolutely necessary! I must evaluate the inner me to control my output and reception. I have to make necessary adjustments and learn how to be more adaptable. Mastering the art of flexibility is a sure win toward success. It will lessen my chances of being overwhelmed and/or of being overworked. This skillset will allow me to have better time management and frankly more peace. I own my peace of mind and it’s not for rent or for sale. I suggest to you my friends that you consider some of these key points that I’ve mentioned and analyze how well they’re working for you so that the adoption ratio of your mind and your spirit are aligned with your short term and long term goals. Let’s face it; we all just want to succeed in life and to live in peace. I’m learning every day of my life that this can be accomplished more often than not if we just take ownership and accountability of our own emotions, attitudes and behaviors. Live well. Be great.