My life boat

There are several observations and revelations that I have had over the last seven days. Turning a year wiser always stirs up thoughts and reflections but this year’s celebration was certainly something different because of my current reality; displaced and uncertain. Although the verbs used to describe my current situation makes it seem daunting, it’s actually grossly enlightening. I have learned more about myself since April 29th than I have in all of my years of living.

My natural displacement has caused me to find a new place to rest spiritually. I’m resting in a place that I didn’t know existed. Every day I feel like I’m in the middle of the ocean on a life boat with nothing but my bible and a walkie-talkie. To fully understand this metaphor, you should know that I cannot swim and never in a million years would I be on a life boat in the middle of the ocean unless I was forced to be. My bible is my reference point, my lamp when it’s dark, my blanket when I’m cold, my food when I’m hungry and my sword of protection. The walkie-talkie represents my means of communication to God. In all of my internal panic, I have to consciously pursue him by remembering to press the talk button and then remember to release it so that I can hear from him. At times we can experience brokenness and/or an uncomfortable shift that will freeze us in time; we can’t talk or move but all we can do is sit and think about where we are but we have to remember to authentically pray which includes effectively listening as well. Use the instrument that’s been gifted to us to always bring us what we need. When we receive gifts from others it’s usually something we want or need. Prayer, one of God’s greatest gifts, does both. Daily through this transition I have to use the word of God for direction, light, nourishment and protection. I have to close my eyes and lie back in my life boat and not be concerned with the waves, the wind, or what lives in the water. I have to overcome the anxiousness, any fear or any thoughts of my own limitations. Some days I may lay in the fetal position and on other days I lie in prostrate but whatever my position, the walkie-talkie is in my hand and my finger is on the talk button, I press. I listen. I learn. I trust. As life becomes increasingly uncertain and because we will all have our seasons of displacement, I urge you to rest right in the place where you are because there is no greater feeling than daily embracing that the creator will take the best care of His creatures. While you’re in your new season of trusting Him, always refer to His reference book and always have your walkie-talkie!