Don’t forget why you’re here!

Sometimes we forget why we’re here or we feel our labor is in vain. I had these exact feelings this morning. I don’t know why I woke up feeling like I did and I won’t over complicate it. I’m human. It’s that simple and it was a human experience. The good news is that I am a spiritual being and so are you. This identity allows me and you access to walk into a place with our heavenly father and to commune with him privately. I am so ever grateful that even as my prayers this morning were mostly silent, HE heard every plea that I made and HE gave me perfect peace and restoration. I am persuaded to keep pushing in purpose and to embrace the joy of the Lord in my process. All of the costs was paid on the cross but I have to do some work. I am writing this entry to encourage you to keep pressing through. Disappointments will come, don’t allow them to drown you.  Hurt will rise, don’t allow it to haunt you. Temptation will show up, don’t let it steal your treasures. Pain will arrive but the pressure is preparing you. I won’t throw in the towel and you can’t either. We will use that towel to wipe our brow and get in position for the next leg of the race and we will endure. If you’re reading this then decree and declare with me today that every thought that we have will line up with the word of God and HIS promises over our lives cannot be stolen, they are guarantees. We win! Don’t forget why you’re here. Somebody else needs you and is watching you. #purpose #process #encouragement #keeppushing #don’tquit #don’tgiveup