Speak Life

Sometimes we put off saying things to our loved ones because of fear of how they will react. What I’ve learned is that once you release the message and release it in love; it’s exactly what they needed to hear to make a change in their life. Often, they just want to know or be reminded that someone cares and that someone is noticing. Our loved ones should not have to live in isolation about any situation. It’s imperative that we make a conscious effort to extend love. God has showed us agape, remarkable love and has had an incredible amount of long-suffering with us. Since his spirit is in us this means that we have the same capability to love that way and the same strength and patience to endure long-suffering. Make no mistake about it. Extending love unselfishly can bring life to us in areas that are dead. The resuscitation can be reciprocated.  It can be refreshing and can open up a road of blessed experiences. If we are not operating in vain glory then we can be less concerned with how it will be received and be more deliberate about delivering a message of freedom. Yes, your words can free up your loved ones. Not everyone has enough strength or hope and need to be noticed by someone that they trust in order to be propelled into freedom. Pray for the right words and right timing and they will both be given to you. An open door of conversation will occur and your opportunity will be made clear. Speak life and trust God to do the rest. Selah.