Seasons Change

As I began to ponder on our Fourth Wedding Anniversary that we are celebrating today I looked up the number four from a biblical perspective and found that on the 4th day of the week of creation God made the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars and they were all created to produce light, Genesis 1:14-19. Then I found the significance of the number four in scripture also refers to the world and its four seasons and directions, Revelation 7:1. After I read all of this and thought wow, how relevant to my marriage in 2015. It was an appointed time for my husband and I to cultivate our individual relationships with God that essentially blessed and strengthened our union.

As the wife to the mate of my soul I learned in 2015 that it is my sole responsibility to be the light in every circumstance. No matter how I may have been feeling personally, I maximized every opportunity to be the light in our seasons as I consistently prayed for him from head to toe. I also experienced a spiritually enlightened year as the Lord ministered to me about me. Boy did I learn some things!

2015 was an opportune time, a proper time, and the right time for us to identify and communicate our weaknesses and strengths so that one can take up the slack where the other is weak or rest in an area where the other is strong. As a wife never dishonor the chance to hold up your husband’s arms, every man needs an Aaron (Exodus 17:12).

Wives, I offer to you my sisters that we have a responsibility to cover our men and to be so gentle with the love of God that they seek HIM more when they look at us because they realize what a gift we are.

Everything happens at its appointed time so be encouraged as a wife that God is always in control and that there is a purpose for the season that you’re in. A divine appointment has taken place. Don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out the reason just be in a hurry to learn the lesson, to hear direction and to take your rightful place; be the light.  Illuminate so that darkness is chased away! In time, you will reap a harvest if you endure. There is an advantage to every season. Your seasons are meant to benefit you and not to harm you. Ask God to open up the eyes of your understanding as I have many times so that the advantages are right in front of you and the disadvantages are behind you. God has a total rewards package but it’s not always so obvious to see. Just trust the process. Seasons may change but God will always remain the same and HIS word is timeless. HIS word is your navigation system, your compass, and your GPS. In marriage, you need to know in which direction you should go and only God’s word can reveal that to you. Be a wife that is a student of God’s word and a conversationalist with the Master of the Universe.

Our marriage in 2015 had seasons that brought forth spiritual progression. We were only able to embrace the opportunities and to see the advantages because we sought God for direction. We are leaping into 2016 with open arms and ready to receive an abundance of life, fruit, and movement! What will 2016 bring your marriage? Whatever it is, it’s an appointed time just for you and yours. Happy New Year beloved!