Do we ever really arrive?

I believe one of our biggest mistakes in life is thinking that we’ve arrived. I can certainly speak from experience. I can recall having accomplished a particular goal and then per most people celebrating and then becoming complacent and entirely too comfortable. This since of euphoria and time of rejoicing is great for temporal satisfaction. That’s not the problem. The problem arises when we don’t continue with that same drive after we’ve celebrated and rejoiced. Our zeal diminishes as if we’ve arrived and no longer have to put in the same hard work that created the desire for that celebration in the first place. Life is a marathon but I’ve treated it like a sprint at times. Have you? The goal should be to move forward to the finish line and not to get to the finish line the fastest. I’ve cataloged every goal into small distances that were separate when really they should have been all a part of my life long marathon. I have vowed to take one day at a time and honestly to celebrate my victories less. I’m not suggesting that we minimize our accomplishments but that we spend more time on keeping our hunger to get to the finish line consistent so that in all actuality we never really arrive. We are always learning, always training, always preparing and always striving to do better. And most importantly, we never quit! There are no breaks but only deep breaths and stretching; stretching our minds and our self-inflicted limitations.  This will allow us to be less haughty, to judge less and to not be so hard on ourselves. It’s crucial to be humble along the way and to not look back. We can’t successfully move forward if we’re always looking back. Looking back will cause us to fall every time in one way or another. Trust the process and focus less on arriving but more on never stopping. Keep moving!

Stay True to You

As we get through our busy weeks and months, we encounter all sorts of people. These people have all sorts of personal challenges that include a wide range of spiritual struggles that only a cultivated relationship with God can solve. What I’ve discovered is that most are either not aware of the need or not courageous enough to seek out spiritual consciousness.

What does that leave us with; a mish mash of principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places. This medley of influences has the potential to swoop us into a web of deceit, despair, and/or disgust. It can overtake us at any moment. How do you contend with it? You don’t! You let God do it. Hold your peace. Pray for those that know not what they do while you encourage yourself.

We cannot worry, fret and frustrate ourselves about behaviors of others that we cannot control. But I’ve also discovered that these differences make the world go around and we have to learn to appreciate them. This place would be pretty boring if every one that we encounter was just like us, wouldn’t it?

The best advice that I can give is to stay true to you. This is my mantra and has helped me to grow in every area of my life. You have to be concerned about being a better you and then in that process opportunities will present themselves for you to help someone that really desires the help. We spend too much time extending ourselves to people who prefer their valley experiences.

While we get through life and encounter these differences, listen intently to every conversation. You’ll find that some is of value and that some isn’t. Choose wisely. Heed your discernment. Be deliberate about the dialogue that you offer. Don’t sweat what you can’t control. Know yourself and be true to you.

Life happens!

I don’t know if I am having more life events or if I am just more aware of the roses that I smell. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t have a thought provoking reflection. It could be something as simple as watching a bush blow in the wind from my window and thinking about being plotted instead of planted in my personal life. Looking at the bush move from side to side but never breaking or being uprooted makes me ponder about my spirit and my foundation. It is not my overarching goal to be deep in every waking moment, trust me, I yearn for simple moments but lately I am not having many of them. Life is so short; the life of a career, a relationship, a home, a car and certainly the life of a person. I pray that everyone experiences spiritual maturity and love that you can count on in a lifetime but the fact of the matter is, everyone won’t. So if you are reading this and there is a void in your life, a feeling of emptiness, fill it with the love of God. Smell the roses. Appreciate every breath. Love hard and laugh harder. Take long walks. Eat healthier and take care of your body. Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. And the best advice that I can give you over all the latter is to nurture your spiritual consciousness and pray more often than not. It’s the best advice I can give so that when life events occur; you’re rooted and grounded and your foundation is steady. Have a steadfast mind and a blessed life. You deserve it and God wants that for you!