Are you in pain?

The growth of pain is indicative of the pain of growth. The more pain you go through the more growth is deposited in you. And the quicker you grow, the less the pain you’ll have. I can’t help but think of the pain chart at the emergency room. “Take a look at the chart and tell me your pain level on a scale from 1-10” the nurse ask of us. Well let’s imagine that I am a nurse. How much pain are you in today? Pause and think about this question. I am not talking physical pain. I am referring to spiritual, emotional or financial pain. My next question would be, how much are you growing from this pain? All dips or valleys in our lives are meant to make us grow into a place that will allow us to live our purpose out loud. If you’re growing slowly, the pain will last longer. If you grow quickly from the pain, the pain will end sooner. Endure the pain, learn the lesson, and grow through grace. The pain is for your good.

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