Distraction after distraction after distraction! It’s never ending! You may be angry at #RachealDolezal or appalled at #Bruce/Caitlyn but the simple fact remains that they are going on with their lives rather we agree with it or not. Please consider this, there is nothing new under the sun. They aren’t the first people to experience identity theft and unfortunately, they won’t be the last. Some of you reading this may have been a victim of identity theft yourself. In fact, some of you reading this are still being victimized. By now you realize that I am not talking about the kind of identity theft that the credit bureaus are concerned with. Yet I am referencing the identity that God our father intended for each and every individual that he has created.

Who do you believe that you are? What is your identity based on?

These are two questions that I answered incorrectly for many years. But my answer at the time was correct according to my circumstances and according to my level of understanding of who God was to me. It wasn’t until I began to cultivate a relationship with God and to really dig deep into my own dirt that I discovered who I really was! Like many of you reading this, I’ve gone through many phases of growth and development in my life and I know without any doubt that all of it was necessary for me to discover my true identity. In previous years my identity was based upon my circumstances. I believed that my true self was predetermined by my current reality. I didn’t have the faith that I have now and so consequently I gave way to a belief system that was faltered.

It is my true desire that everyone that God allows me to come in contact with be free. I know how it feels to be locked up in a confused mind. I didn’t obtain this freedom overnight. In fact it took several years and several ugly situations for me to arrive at a point of desperation so that I can totally surrender my will to God and be made new in HIM. It is certainly a process that takes a willing heart and intentional efforts to discover reality in the almighty!

You are who God says you are! Bruce is who God says he is. Racheal is who God says she is. Take your identity back! Your R.E.A.L.  identity will cause you to have realistic expectations and to reach your purpose! Reaching, Earning and Always Learning! No more IDENTITY THEFT!