I am concerned for you

What a whirlwind of emotions this weekend has evoked! Every emotion imaginable has been induced to all bring me joy! However my joy is accompanied by a deep compassion and concern for those that are experiencing emotions and situations otherwise. Notice that I used the word concern and not worry. Worry is problem oriented and concern is solution oriented. I trust with everything that is in me that there is a solution to all that ails my people. And that solution is Jesus! The solution may be apparent to me but it’s just not that simple to most. People all over the world are finding themselves hopeless although they were raised to know who the hope giver is. Christians in our immediate communities are falling to prey to the victimization of sin and doubt. The two co-exist in their thoughts and behaviors and consequently this carries them to a place that seems unreachable; so they stop trying to escape. I argue that freedom becomes just a notion when we try to do it with our own will power. Simply put, that is just impossible to do.  Life and all that comes with it is just to challenging to manage on our own. I am praying that as this Resurrection Sunday comes to a close that our spiritual sight rises from the dead and that our natural blindness dies! I encourage anyone that may be reading this to fight past your pain. I implore you to surrender your will to God our father and to believe that you are exactly who he says you are. You can be free today! No matter how magnificently large your pain or situation appears, God is bigger! Trust him at his word.  Allow his word to breathe life into your circumstance. His word gives life to every dead thing so if you are not speaking God’s word over your situation then it will continue to suffocate you! Study His word. Believe His word. Recite His word. Memorize His word. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what His word says. You’ll notice that His word will begin to drown out all the noise of your pain.  But let me warn you, His word is not cookie cutter. It’s all or nothing. You can’t decide to only eat what taste good. Some of it is hard to swallow and is bitter going down but the nourishment that you’ll receive is priceless and like no other! Know that I am praying for you and that you are loved. Believe the truth and block out the lies. Flood your hearing with edification and set your eyes on the hope giver! I am concerned and not worried because I know that there is a solution! Be blessed!