A Prayer for the Mind

Because there are so many of our loved ones and those around us that are suffering from poor mental health, my heart is constantly grieving for them. Let’s join together and keep them lifted in prayer! It is NOT the will of GOD that they suffer in their mind and it is lie from the pit of hell that they won’t be delivered! This is my prayer:

Our Father who is in heaven, remove and dissolve any part of the mind that is unlike you! We cast down the doubtful mind, the carnal mind, and the wicked mind! Deliver your people from having a mind that is blind, corrupt, faint, or doubled. Restore the minds that have lost divine and spiritual consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment, and memory. Replace those lost minds with minds that have been found by you! We bind any circumstance from the past or present that is controlling the minds of your people and we loose a mind that is stayed on you; in perfect peace! We declare and decree that any one that has or that is suffering from any disease of the mind will be delivered and the captives set free! Lord cause your people to have a renewed mind and a transformed mind. We claim that our loved ones will have a mind that is sound and steadfast! We believe that it is in your will for all of us to have a willing mind, a mind to work, and our minds set on things above! From this day forward we will pray for readiness of mind, humility of mind, and to be spiritually minded. We will be of the same mind and persuaded in our minds to have the mind of Christ! Please reestablish your people to sober and pure minds! Teach us how to mind our own business and to be about your business; to not judge but to be reminded when we were once out of our minds and being judged ourselves! In the name of Jesus, Amen! It is so!


Is it a crime?

The worst crime that a person can commit is a crime against themselves. I know that sounds silly at first but think about how often we rob ourselves for a petty pleasure. We steal an extra hour of sleep or we steal an unhealthy meal instead of paying ourselves with that hour of prayer or instead of paying ourselves with a healthy choice. Our mind, bodies, souls and spirits suffer through petty crimes constantly because we have freedom of choice. How much longer will we continue to rob ourselves while our inner man does the time? We don’t even realize how deep we’re in this life of crime until often it’s too late. I am certainly guilty of committing a few crimes against myself; the crime of procrastination, the crime of unhealthy choices and the crime of retail therapy to name a few. I’m calling these things a crime because an understanding of their severity has to be highlighted. It is a daily deliberate action that must take place in all of us to avoid self-inflicted penalties. I know that we pay the cost to be the boss but at what cost will we be bossed around by our emotions? Don’t be arrested by your flesh yet let your flesh be arrested by thoughts, behaviors and decisions that are beneficial to the ENTIRE you! You have a right to remain at peace and peace will remain rightfully yours! Lay aside those crimes that so easily attract you and take over you and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, it is not a life of crime yet it is a life of happiness and fulfillment.