Be still and know that He is God!

I feel like a lost child in a strange place searching for my Daddy

I’m on a bridge in high altitude; I can hear the foundation under me cracking and giving way

The wind is blowing and the archway swaying

I see nuts and bolts popping off of the tower foundation

Be still and know that I am God!

The beams are shaking and losing their grip

The clouds are dark and frightening

The waters under me are terribly troubled and filled with flesh eating sharks waiting for their prey and I think to myself, I’ll never survive that!

Be still and know that I am God!

On one side of me is blood shed everywhere; murders taking place

Just a little ways up drivers are losing control and fatal crashes are occurring

On the other side of me are children crying, hopeless, and abused

I’m right in the middle, right in the thick of calamity; it’s to my left, to my right, in front and in back of me. I look up and it’s there, I like down and it’s everywhere, what will I do?

Be still and know that I am God!

The skies are overwhelmed with air traffic searching for clearance or a place to land; planes are disappearing

On one side of the bridge bombs are exploding

And on the other side of the bridge fires are consuming and headed my way

Women are screaming from despair, men are crying with desperation

Wars are breaking out, rumors of wars are coming true

Be still and know that I am God!

I am the Lord of host, I have universal dominion

I am the great general of all armies, ruler of them all

I am STILL in control, every creature is under my command

Stop the struggle and find peace of faith

I am the God of Jacob, I am the mighty commander that enters into close, living, tender relationship with your poor soul.

I am concerned for you, I am jealous for you, I care for you, I keep you, I bless you, I protect you

My mightiness doesn’t interfere with the fact that I care for you individually and the fact that I care for you doesn’t interfere with my wholeness as the Lord of host!

As that little child lost in a strange place looking for my daddy on that bridge in the middle of treacherous times, I can be still, stand firm, and be certain that He is God!

Inspired by Psalm 46

What’s your next move?

As of recent it’s become more apparent to me in several encounters that a shift in my mind-set is necessary. One encounter stands out in particular. I don’t take any opportunity to learn for granted and I always want to improve as a human being; becoming who and what I am meant to be! In an attempt to learn from my husband how to play chess, I was reminded that every move in life must have a purpose and like protecting our King in a game of chess we must protect our purpose, our peace, and our path. Every move must be strategic. If it’s not, what are you living for? I personally don’t want to settle for the mediocre. I want all that the creator has to offer me in life and I don’t want to sell my self short because my moves aren’t methodical or because I don’t have a plan. Perhaps like me you’ve discovered what your divine purpose is in life, it’s a blessing to be aware so that you know where you’re going. Your purpose my friends has to be protected by your moves in life. Handle with care. Be careful not to make sudden moves that will harm you or that will eventually burden you. Be wise in all of your decision-making down to the smallest considerations.  We all want peace in our lives. We all welcome and embrace peace but if your peace is not protected, emotions instead of reasoning have the opportunity to make moves for you. This is a dangerous pitfall. Avoid it. Finally, your path must be protected. How do you protect your path? You do this by always having your next move in mind with a plan B and even a plan C. Leave room to grow or to learn from a mistake but never be without a backup plan. A path with a plan is always moving towards your purpose! It’s incredible how a small thing like a game of chess with the most competitive person I know reminded me of so many life lessons and I have been making moves with a new zeal and vigor ever since then. What’s your next move? I know mine. Check mate!

Make no mistake about it!

How many of us love to receive blessings? And how many of you read that question and thought of something tangible? It’s ok if you did, no indictment, I get it. I also like to receive tangible things. However I have learned over the years that nothing beats a spiritual blessing! There is nothing like your spirit being blessed through the love of God and his tender mercies. There is nothing like him proving to you that he not only hears your prayers but that he also is a God that will answer them and won’t leave you out to dry. Tangible blessings are awesome but we know that they are open to argument from men that they are a result of chance, luck, or coincidence. A spiritual blessing however, you can MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT! I received a spiritual blessing this weekend that completely blew my mind. I was granted the gift of literally seeing God use someone as a speaking spirit. It’s extremely difficult to explain because it was supernatural but I am compelled to remind believers and non believers alike that gifts in the spiritual realm far out weigh gifts in the natural. As you continue to grow in your faith and belief seek those spiritual blessing. These are the gifts from our heavenly father that are eternal, that restore, that release, that heal, deliver and set free.