Having Joy is very different than being Happy. A lot of people spend their lives “just wanting to be happy” and never realizing that “being happy” is conditional and based on being emotionally satisfied. Joy however, is eternal and rest in the very pit of your soul and cannot be removed by ANY condition! It is not happiness that we’ve been promised by our creator but Joy is ours for the asking. You can have Joy in unhappy times, in these very perilous times. Your happiness will fade but Joy will last forever. Happiness is something that the world seeks. Man wants us to believe that things and people will make us happy, especially money. I am a witness that you can be without the money that you need and you can still have Joy! I urge you to change your focus in life so that your life can be fulfilled and so that you can be rich in your spirit, overcoming all adversity while still rejoicing, still pressing your way, still having Joy! Joy is one of the fruits of the spirit. We have instruction to walk in the spirit Galatians 5:16.  Searching for happiness satisfies the works of the flesh but abiding in Joy is evidence that you are walking in the spirit, feeding your spirit. If we live in the spirit and not the flesh, we walk in the spirit and we have Joy instead of happiness; which the world seeks. There is Fullness of Joy in his presence Psalm 16:11 and Joy comes in the morning after you’ve cried all night!  Psalm 30:5 Joy has already been spoken into your life John 15:11 and if you are living anything less than a joyful life, you are living out of character and beneath your potential. Jesus prayed to our Heavenly Father that we may have Joy, John 17:13, do you not believe that Joy lives in you? I’ve been sent here today to encourage you to seek Joy over happiness. It will change your life!

Prayer: Heavenly Father – you know how you have created me and you know how the emotions of a human being works. Give me the strength to not be consumed by the needs of my emotions and to be diligent in crucifying my flesh daily. As I crucify my flesh, I will live in the spirit, I will walk in the spirit and I will have Joy! Joy is of you, it has been predestined for my life and I receive all that you have for me. I am grateful that you desire for my life to be fulfilled and to be rich in my spirit, having endless currency in Joy! The Joy that you give is not counterfeit, it’s permanent and authentic! Your grace has granted me Joy! From this day forward I claim my Joy and I will live a Joyful life, sharing it wherever I go. In Jesus’ name,  Amen.