Daily Recipe From Scratch

A bundle of love to conquer all.

A heap of peace in the midst of adversity.

Dashes of joy when sorrow wants to consume.

A helping of energy when exhaustion wants to oppress.

A mixture of patience and kindness. A combination of goodness and faithfulness.

Pour in gentleness and self-control.  Combine with prayer. Spread The Word.

Stir it up with truth. Cover it with faith.

Follow recipe at your own pace, it may get complicated or sticky along the way. If this occurs add more prayer. Degree of difficulty varies. This is ongoing. You have to use this recipe daily for best results. If you leave out any ingredient, the outcome will be different. Pleasing God is the frosting on the cake! 

Analysis of temptation; We see it, we desire it, we take it, and we break it!

We’ve all been tempted by one thing or another and then we regret falling in the trap because eventually we realize that what we thought was gold doesn’t glitter so much anymore. I believe the worst part about falling for temptation is the depletion of our focus, our goals, our purpose. No matter what the particular circumstances are, temptation always occurs like this:

  1. Everything is perfect, there is a feeling of contentment
  2. We see something with our eyes; physical attraction (the temptation)
  3. We desire that thing that we see which was never meant to be ours in the first place
  4. We decide to take it by any means necessary; taking our own will
  5. Fellowship with God is broken

We see it, we desire it, we take it, and we break it! This is the basic understanding of the life cycle of a successful trap of temptation. How do we avoid the traps? We can’t! But we can do a better job and make more effective efforts to not fall victim. Don’t lose your spirit of contentment and don’t covet something that doesn’t belong to you. Physical attraction is always the beginning of it all. This attraction is really only temporary. Not all attractions are necessarily temptation but if you are attracted to the point of distraction; it’s temptation. Perform a self-check.  Ask yourself the important questions about the who, what, where, when and why. What is your desire based on? Is the desire so strong that you want to take your own will and just take it?! Will you do whatever you have to do to get it?! If taking your own will and not seeking the will of your creator is the stronger emotion; it’s temptation. When we take our own will and make decisions for ourselves, we break fellowship with God. Do you really want to risk that? I hope not. I know that we’ve all experienced this a time or two but it is my hope that we’ve learned from our past mistakes and that we won’t continue to grieve God by falling for traps of temptation.

Here are some scriptures to read that will help you to stay strong when these temptations present themselves: Matthew 4:1-11 and Hebrews 4:15

Scripture and immediate obedience is your defense to temptation. External attraction is temporary. Desire should be a result of purpose and not a cause to satisfy your flesh or emotions. We may have free will; however, choose wisely what you will use it for. Finally, never risk breaking fellowship with God, it’s not worth the gamble, the odds are against you! 


You can make it!

Life is not always easy. There will be quite a few valley moments and a lot of disappointments but you can make it! The days seem to get longer yet you have the same amount of energy and capacity that you’ve always had, you can make it! The cost of living has increased but your paycheck hasn’t, you can make it! There is chaos around you and you are required to do more with less, you can make it! I was sent to tell you today, that you can make it! Look in the mirror and encourage yourself. Saturate your thoughts with edification. Surround yourself with positive people and activities. Treat yourself in order to refuel. Love yourself.Take necessary breaks in your day to mediate on how blessed you truly are. Don’t give anyone or any one thing authority over your joy; demand it and keep it. You can make it my friend. I know some days you can’t see the forest for all of the trees, debris, bushes, and forest animals in your way but I promise, you can make it! I applaud you for not giving up and I am praying for you that you get tough, you can make it! 


someone who can make it too! 

Sober in Love

Since the Grammy’s aired last weekend, I’ve heard nothing but hoopla and mostly applause about Beyonce and Jay Z’s intro performance to Drunk in Love! For a lot of people this “power” couple seems to be the model couple and the ideal of what the hopeless romantics want in love and marriage! The tabloids are talking about this performance, the media in other countries are expressing their like or dislike for this performance, people all over are admiring this couple and comparing their own relationships to the likelihood of a love like The Carters! I’ve even read an article that suggests that this performance is showing how sexy Christian marriages can be. WHAT?!?!?!

I guess I am just amazed at how much influence an entertainment industry couple can have on the ideals of Love, Sex, and Marriage! But I think I needed this reminder so that I am even more aware of the influence we have over the audiences that we’ve been given. Yes, we all have an audience. While reading all of these articles and social media comments, I was mostly saddened. I was saddened because my sisters and yes some brothers seem to be idolizing the Carters as if they are relationship Gods. The bottom line is, they are mere mortals who happen to have a certain level of influence over those that are drawn to their entertaining performances. We have no idea what really takes place in their home and we should never assume that a person or persons of influence have the exact remedy for ANYTHING! It is God that we should seek for our answers. This type of idolizing is the exact reason why people become devastated when their idols fall to temptation or beneath the pedestal that they’ve been placed on.

Because I am a Christian, in love, married, and connected to my sexuality, let me offer this sound advice to those individuals that are seeking the “love” that the Carters seem to represent (No I am not an expert or one to be idolized). God is the center of my marriage therefore he consistently teaches my husband how to love one another. We are both seeking to please him first which creates a certain level of intimacy that frankly is difficult to describe with words. My sexuality and ability to be sexy comes from within. I own my self-esteem and self-confidence which has never been predetermined by my husband or his actions. This level of confidence is attractive to him and vice versa. We are additionally drawn to one another because we see each other through God’s lenses. I think he is a Boss and what he does and he thinks the same of me! When we are in a crowded room, there is no one there but us! I share all of this to let you know that pleasing God is the key to being “Sober in Love”! When you seek the creator, he already knows the desires of your heart and while he is helping you to work on you, he is preparing a mate for you that will have a presence that is intoxicating just for you! It can happen! It does exist! God can and he will!