Martha or Mary?

Boy do I need a balance! This was my thought yesterday as I attempted to prepare for the week. What a joke that is at times. Between ironing, packing my lunch, scheduling study time, workout time and packing workout clothes, QT with hubby and other loved ones, planning and preparing meals, bible study, evangelism work, and prayer academy, it is easy to become overwhelmed! I’ve learned that it’s important to be focused on the things that matter the most and to most importantly, let the Lord order your footsteps daily. Ask him every day, before your day gets started to lead and to guide you so that ultimately He is glorified. I have to remind myself to be more like Mary and less like Martha in the book of Luke 10:38-42. Martha was too busy worrying and fussing about the wrong things and Mary had her focus on the one essential thing, Jesus, the eternal choice. Martha’s focus was on things that were temporary and that only provided temporary satisfaction. I believe her intentions were good but intentions don’t matter if you miss the mark altogether! I want to be more like Mary, what about you?

Although it serves a purpose to be prepared, we can never really be prepared unless we seek the one that has created the path for us to travel through anyhow. So let’s not get worked up over nothing. Let’s hang on to every bit of wisdom and discernment that we are gifted so that we can have peace throughout our days. We can keep a balance if we acknowledge our Lord, check our motives, and seek guidance.

I can admit that I’ve had my Martha days. To all of the Marthas that may be reading this, be more like Mary. Tomorrow will take care of itself!

Do you want to get well?

I am posing this question to you because if your answer is yes, I’ve been given a very simple message for you.

1. You cannot get well if you are surrounded by people with the same type of condition, habit, situation, or vices. You cannot get will if you are surrounded by people who see that you need a helping hand to pull you up but they are too self-absorbed or don’t care enough to help you. Check your surroundings. The blind leading the blind has NEVER helped anyone and quit crying out for help to those who are unwilling to help you!

2. ¬†Whatever is allowing you to be comfortable in this lame state (which is not your destiny) must be abolished, taken up but not thrown away. What or who is your crutch? Identify comfort cradle so that you can relinquish its control but don’t forget about it because it should be a reminder of where you’ve come from, what you’ve been healed from, and why you need to help someone else get well.

3. When you become well, there will be naysayers There will be individuals who will question your authority or your “right” to be healed or different from them. They really would prefer that you remain in bondage right next to them. They will question you and try to turn your positive into a negative. Beware and be prepared for the negative, yet necessary opposition.

4. Finally, acknowledge what robbed you of your well-being in the first place! Whatever it is, don’t return to life of it because the next time, you may not get out!

Live Well~