Weekend Reminders

There is a lesson in everything. Every encounter, every conversation, every observation etc. has a purpose! Don’t miss it! Every day, if you are fortunate enough to breathe, you have the opportunity to become a better you. Surround yourself with people that edify you. Pray for a mentor, someone who can encourage you…with all truth!

Because there are so many people in your life that need something from you, you can quickly find yourself on empty so be certain that you refuel your engine for success. Laugh a lot, enjoy the things that you love often, and spend quality time with yourself; it’s essential for your sanity. Remember that just because you seem to be getting through life daily, doesn’t mean that you are dealing with life as you should. Don’t just exist! You are meant to excel! Feed your spirit more that you feed your flesh. Whichever one that you choose to starve will be the weakest one. Which one would you prefer to be stronger? I choose my spirit!

Don’t manipulate others with your emotions; accelerate your emotional healing with others. Learn from the mistakes of others. Share your mistakes with others because then those mistakes cannot hold you hostage any longer.

Don’t work for anyone else harder than you work for yourself! Whatever it is that you need from YOU, be certain that you accomplish it with all the vigor and the zeal that you can find internally.


Remember the Truth

When you profess something from the rooftop those words will be brought back to you just to test you! The law of attraction says that which you speak will find you! Be conscious always that when you are a proponent and strong believer of something i.e. the power of prayer, you will be continually reminded of what you’ve said through your own circumstances and situations! It’s especially when you’ve been a blessing to others and when you’ve been chosen to give a message that you have to be quick in your spirit to recognize the trick! The enemy wants you to eat your words or to publicly be made a mockery of or to doubt the words that have already gone forth! Don’t fall for it! It’s natural to get thrown of track when things arise that test your beliefs but just don’t remain there! Ask the Lord to help your unbelief and to honestly do this, you have to identify the different forms of your unbelief! What do I mean? I’m glad that you asked. While outwardly you may believe that you are following your belief system during a test but inwardly your unbelief may show up in other forms like headaches, tension in your neck or your shoulders, stress in your back or signs of nervousness. These symptoms may appear after you’ve received some news that will test your faith! Be quick to identify these symptoms and speak boldly to them, they’re just phantom anyhow! They don’t really exist but will persist if you don’t activate the authority that you’ve already been given over all things!

Stand firm on your beliefs and continue to edify others through your testimony and through messages that you’ve been given. Don’t be a coward and run from your purpose because you now realize that you will be tested if you speak the truth! Fortify your faith with your own life. Have you ever heard people say I wish I could help myself the way that I help others? Well, you can! Don’t be that person. Apply that same fortitude and passion that you give to others to your personal struggles. The Truth will make you free! Speak the truth to yourself! Always remember the truth!