Life is a Fraction

There is so much on my mind today. I’ve had so many conversations with loved ones and there is so much going on in the world and I’ve witnessed so much. My heart just breaks for people that are dismayed and discouraged. Below are just some of the issues that people are dealing with and having a difficult time coping with. Any of them look familiar to you?








































Whew! That’s a long list! And I am sure that you can probably add a few more to it!  All these things have a common denominator which is REALITY but more importantly the common nominator is God. In mathematical terms “a nominator is the number on the top of a fraction that signifies the number to be divided by the denominator which is the bottom number.” Reality is the denominator and God is the nominator!

 Our Flesh and the world wants us to believe that God and his promises can be cancelled out or that he can be divided or separated from us or that he has his hands off of us “If all of this is happening then God must have his hands off of me; off of the world”! I am here to tell you, THAT IS A LIE!

Reality is going to occur, that is no secret but we must be diligent and remember that God knows all and he sees all. We must also remember that when we take our own will and go against what God would have for us to do, reality will seem overwhelming. When these overpowering emotions occur stop and ask yourself “Have I been trying to solve life without God?” You cannot subtract or add anything from your life without God! You cannot multiply completely without God! You cannot approach division without God! Life without God will equal failure!

 Life is a complex fraction my friends but it doesn’t have to be complicated. At times it is a confusing mathematical mystery but be certain that God is on top of it! He is bigger than that long list above and he is larger than whatever you may be going through. He has not left you and he will never leave you. We have a way of escape through repentance and through grace. Sufficient grace is provided unto so that you are able to endure whatever ails you! You draw on this grace through earnest and honest prayer and supplication. God wants intimate communication with you (that’s what prayer is). Give your burdens to him, he will carry them! He’s able! You can’t carry them on your best day so stop exhausting and frustrating yourself! Be diligent to feed your spirit and study the word of God so that you can refer to it like a textbook. ALL THE ANSWERS ARE THERE! The more you study, the more your thoughts and emotions will exemplify what you’ve absorbed. Be determined to let the Master of the universe be concerned with the fraction that life offers you. Our life doesn’t become whole until the day that the sky collapses and judgment is upon us so until then nominate and elect him to be the numerator!

Turn up Your FAITH!

As of late, so many of my loved ones are going through hard tests, trials, and tribulations. It’s tough to hear their stories sometimes and naturally I wish there was something that I could do to remove their pain but I’ve learned that it is my first priority to intercede on their behalves diligently and without ceasing, and so that is what I do. It is not only people that I know personally that are being tried on every hand but all of the calamity in the world and on the news locally and nationally is extremely disturbing but oh to be kept by Jesus!

We will all experience difficulties at one time or another and because we are of this world we will encounter all sorts of attacks on our FAITH because without our FAITH we are unable to withstand and the enemy wants to strip us of our FAITH! He hates our FAITH! It’s the glue that holds us together! These battles are often meant to throw us off of track because we have made a stand to obey what God has instructed us to do! When you stand on the promises of God “Your FAITH will put you on Center Stage; you become a theater, a spectacle of entertainment, on account of your FAITH, you became the best show in town!” Sometimes our loved ones and others that we encounter won’t understand our stand and will try to talk us out of it because it doesn’t make sense but I’ve certainly come to realize that God isn’t common and because his thoughts are not our thoughts…it won’t make sense! We will be the topics of conversation at dinner, we will be the latest joke or object of mystery…it comes with the territory! 

ImageEven when you’re hit below the belt or you experience afflictions and you feel like the pressure is going to make you pop or when you are squeezed so tight that you lose your breath…keep your FAITH! Just hold on to your FAITH as if your life depends on it. The just shall live by FAITH, we overcome by FAITH, we understand by FAITH, we receive by FAITH and without FAITH it is impossible to please God! Have the FAITH of Abraham to obey. Have the FAITH of Sarah to conceive. Have the FAITH of Abel to sacrifice. Have the FAITH of Noah to prepare. Have the FAITH of Moses to endure. Have FAITH to tear down walls like the walls of Jericho. Have FAITH like Rehab to live and to not die! Have FAITH to obtain a good testimony. Have the FAITH to endure the race. Get your FAITH up! Keep your FAITH up! Turn up your FAITH!