Letters of Merit


Dear Lord~ Thank you so much! From the very pit of my soul I thank you for loving me the way that you do! Wow! My relationship with you is priceless and the way that you continue to show me who you are is incredible. I adore you and I owe you everything that I am and everything that I have. I want to make you proud of me. I want to smell good to you. I want to please you in all that I do and all that I say. I want to run a race for you and never quit running. I want to be, I am an ambassador for Christ and I will use our relationship as the foundation of everything that I do! I know there will be struggles and opposition. The adversary won’t quit and I will be tested on many occasions but the reward of seeing your face is all worth it! I am completely indebted to you! I love how I can talk to you about everything and how you keep all of my secrets; they way that you trust me and the way that you have confidence in me still blows my mind. Help me to see through your lenses and not my own as I walk in obedience. I want you to know that I will remain humble and that I am not confused about where my strength comes from. Give me your anointing and let the latter rain fall fresh on me. Endow me with all that you have for me. Douse me with your love.

Dear Self~ I want you to know that I am so very proud of you. Your tenacity and determination is paramount and you have proven that with God all things are possible. I am excited for the next chapter in your life. Realize that the Lord has sequentially ordered your steps and that you are chosen to do his work in a way that no one else can. Continue to be the wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend that you are and continue to celebrate you! Do not compromise for anything or for anyone. The time is now for you to break forth and to produce the flow of life that is within you. There are rivers of living water that has to be poured out onto dry land. This living water will provide the necessary moisture for the soil that will be broken for new seeds to be planted. You will see the harvest, the fruit of your labor, if you faint not and endure the race. I love you. Stretch forth!

Dear Past~ Thank you for what you taught me and how you have groomed me for right now. I do not resent you and I now realize that you were necessary. I will never forget you because it is necessary for me to remember exactly who you are and what you were about so that I can forever be grateful and so that I can help others overcome the same sort of things. In fact, I hold you in high regard because I needed you then to become who I am now but know this, I will never return to you. I am a new creature and I have moved on.

Dear Future~ I cannot wait to get to know you. I promise you that I will remain committed to you and diligent towards giving you my all. You were created for me a long time ago and now as we get acquainted, I can appreciate how essential we are for one another. I knew you were coming but I just didn’t know when. I was being prepared for you when I didn’t even realize it. Unbeknownst to me, I was organizing my life for your arrival. The incremental changes that have occurred over the years have propelled me to be right here with my arms wide open for you. I embrace you. I am no longer afraid and I have accepted my responsibility to take care of you. I love you.

Dear Present~ I know that you have noticed all the recent changes and are probably wondering what is it all for. You will know soon enough. I cannot tell you everything because I don’t know everything but I can tell you that it is all working together for our good. I hope you’re ready, I know that I am. The time is now. Change is inevitable, we cannot remain the same, especially if we are following Christ’s examples and his instructions that he left for us. I thank you for always being authentic and unique. In fact at times you’ve been so peculiar it was hard to believe that you were happening in my life. It’s always been exciting even in those still quiet moments. Together we will always be proponents of peace and of order, I require it! We will always walk in obedience-even when we don’t want to. You know why? Because we’ve wasted enough time pleasing the flesh and now it’s time to please the Lord. No matter what may come our way nothing will ever separate us from the Lord. Not death, life, tragedy, grief, heartache, financial instability, economic failures, government upheaval or material things! Ready, set, go!