True Growth

Every living thing is meant to go through a period of evolution. We all know that change is the only constant that we can bet on and it is going to occur rather we embrace it or not. It’s inevitable that humans grow physically and ironically it’s circumstantial that humans grow emotionally or spiritually. I know from personal experience that going against the grain concerning emotional and spiritual growth will only stifle your future. It is my advice to you that you think of emotional and spiritual growth as the staircase to your future. The formation of this staircase is determined by your efforts or the lack thereof and you will get to where you need to be if and only if you continue to participate in the construction and if you continue to lay the foundation for every level. Climbing stairs can be exhausting especially after you start out with so much vigor and energy going up the first couple of flights but then suddenly you lose your wind, something or someone has thrown you off course, you don’t seem to be getting anywhere and every flight of stairs look the same. It’s natural to want to rest along the way in order regain your wind or to even create a new strategy so that you don’t become so exhausted or discouraged but I implore you to rest if you will, just don’t quit, keep climbing, keep learning, keep growing, keep building, keep laying the foundation and you will reach the heights that have been created just for you exclusively. As we continue to climb or to grow emotionally and spiritually, we will experience some pain along the way. Some pain will be debilitating and some will be easy to rub away like a muscle cramp, nevertheless we will experience it.

Emotional and spiritual growth requires that we learn new things about ourselves and these things will not always be easy to swallow. We have to be honest with ourselves and become humble long enough to acknowledge that we don’t know everything and that sometimes a personal epiphany is necessary to receive our blessing, our inheritance. To realize what needs to change we have to spend some time with ourselves so that we can experience divine instruction and clarity regarding our purpose. You can choose to remain the same or you can choose to evolve as it is so intended for you to do so. You can learn now or you can learn later, but eventually you will learn the truth about yourself and hopefully get to the point of true growth. Be true to yourself! Love yourself and those around you enough to know that you were created for a purpose. Don’t waste any more time or spend any more time having a pity party. Participate in your future and grow. Experience true growth.