To one extent or another we all think that we are gifted. That we have gifts unique to our design and that no one else can perform them as well as we can. Well I agree with you. We have all been blessed with talents and we are all equipped to carry them out successfully. So why don’t we? Here’s a topic of conversation that can go on for days. This is also a question that I have challenged myself to answer when I miss the mark towards a goal that I have set for myself. As we grow and as we continue to be drawn towards that quiet whisper that pushes us towards our purpose, let’s be mindful of all the pitfalls that so easily besets us. Can you think of one trap that you could have avoided if you analyzed more or considered alternatives? I sure can. We all can! But we live and we learn. I implore you and I challenge myself to be wise in our decision making, to set realistic goals that make sense considering our resources, and to not be discouraged when our best laid plans go sour. God knows better than we do and unbeknownst to us, it’s working for our good. We have to learn to collaborate and to appreciate networking, do not be afraid, only believe! Let’s not be silly and try to re-invent the wheel, if someone else has created a process that works, use it to your advantage. Finally, we must value diversity and adhere to our personal morals and values without compromising for a dollar or fifteen cents.  You are gifted my brother and my sister, go forth and produce. Be smart and protect yourself from head to toe. Protect your hearing, your mind, your vision, your speaking, protect your heart, what you touch and where you walk. Be unequivocally gifted!